The next day I headed down to tucson. It’s not as bad as going all the way from here, but still it was 8 hours or so of a drive. Got in just in time to start in on all the linens at my dad’s place. We spent a few hours going over things and made a bit of progress.

My brother was there with his new puppy, Cosmo. He’s very cute and pretty well behaved for his age.


My oldest sister was there with her terrier max:


After that point I didn’t take too many pictures, and we worked on the estate. We managed to finish the garage and all the books over the next two days. We were hoping to finish off the kitchen, but then we didn’t get to it with all the other stuff we were working on. So, looks like we will be getting together in february again to finish that up and pack up and haul off the larger items. Hopefully the kitchen is the last of it. The books took quite a while, there were a ton of them and books are hard to figure out unless you have read them or remember them.

Monday and Tuesday and Wed we worked on that stuff, and thursday I headed home. Pretty uneventfull trip back, but it was pretty long and brutal.

It’s nice to be home.