Xmas morning came in all too soon. Tons of presents and toys for the kids:

Vet with present

J and D and Vet

D with presents

D and J and D

The fun part was one of the larger presents that was for both V and D, and they had to assemble a puzzle and find clues to get to the present:

D and V assembling the first clue

The first clue:

first clue

The second clue is found:

second clue found
Second clue assembled:


second clue

Next clue:

next clue

next clue

Finally the present, an exersize room:

the big gift

There are 3 black cats living there. Got a picture of them cuddling on the couch:

Tonto, Romulus and Neuton

Neuton looking out over the chair:


D got some new computer stuff for xmas, and we tried to shuffle things around so he could get his data off the old drives and such. We made quite a nice frankenstine doom:

some computer doom

After that we went and fired up the propane deep fryer to do the turkey. It was pretty amusing:

the turkey approaches it's fate

There is also a nice 135mb movie I made of the turkey going in. I guess I can link it here… might be a lot of BW tho.

Later that night we worked more on computer doom. At one point we had one machine with all the drives in it and another broken machine next to it with it’s power supply powering some of the drives in the first machine. It was quite amusing:

amusing computer doom