Had a nice relaxing weekend doing not much. For once.

Setup Munin on my machines here at home. I was expecting to have to mess with it for a long time and tweak it, but it was really just installing the package and editing one file to change the hostname. That was it. Very very slick. I am going to see next week about packaging it for fedora-extras. All the prereqs are already in extras.

Played with firefox 1.5. Its nice. I got all my extensions setup for it and it seems to be working great so far. Quicker and nicer so far.

Went up to Fort Collins Sunday and saw March of the Penguins with the ever lovely L. It was nice. Who knew that penguins had such a life?

Also, I have been watching Bablyon 5 again. I’m up to 4th season. Sure was a good show.