My sister and I sat down this morning and wrote up a list of all the medications my dad has laying around, who perscribed them, what they were for, etc. There sure are a pile. At least I think we now know what everything is and is for.

In the afternoon jafo and I played with the current SIP software phone packages available on linux. Since I am here in AZ, and now I have high speed net (see the cox cable rant), it would be nice to hook into our voip setup so I could take and send calls from my laptop. Most of the software just didn’t work at all. Finally we found one that was pretty darn good and sounded nice.

It was very hot out today, so I spent pretty much all the time inside except when I had to take dogs for walks.

After all the rain, the mesquite are all blooming:

blooming mesquite

Here’s the pups on one of our many walks:


Someone unclear on the concept of living in a seething hot place: