Well, today I got to do a fair bit of waiting around. Took my dad off to a doctors appointment in the morning and got to wait around in a waiting room there. Then my dad wanted to get the oil changed on his jeep, and that took a while waiting in a waiting room too.

On the good side, the doctors office waiting room was quiet, there were magazines, birds to watch outside, a nearby bathroom and it was nice.

On the bad side the waiting room at the oil change place had a blaring tv (“peoples court” and then “ripley’s beleive it or not”), uncomfortable chairs, nothing to see or read, and no beverages.

I’m reminded why I never watch tv. The people’s court consisted of a lady judge yelling at the people before her and deciding the case because she didn’t like one of the guys. She seemed to have no real basis in anything other than being irate. Ripleys beleive it or not had segments about 20-30 seconds long like “This bird defends itself by vomitting. No one wants to tangle with it”. They never say what the bird is, where it’s found or anything else about it. I think “or not” should be the answer to that show.

This was an amusing way to make your gate open smoothy:


Some birds out the doctors office window:


Nice thundercloud, which didn’t produce any rain here:


More thunderclouds, and you can see some of the construction thats taking place near my dad’s house:

thunderclouds and construction

Twyla looking cute: