Got some last minute visitors this weekend from NM. Nice to see them, but my sleep schedule is all messed up now. They didn’t get in until around 5am saturday morning.
Tomorrow will be a lovely BBQ here. Even though it’s looking like it might be rainy, it should be a fun time. Anyone reading this before 3pm sunday should come on by.
Managed to replace the burner in my grill and look at starting on the new bench mark II for the ren faire booth. I picked up a very nice jig saw the other day (It has a LASER!), however it has only two blades that came with it. One is just fine for what I need, but its about a 1/4″ too short, so it can’t cut through the board I need it to cut. The other one is very rough, and it jumps around when I try and use it to make the cuts I need. Clearly I need another blade, so I have put off the bench making for a few days. Hopefully I can get a few made next week and then take them out to faire next weekend. Faire starts the weekend after that.