Yesterday was an action packed greyhound day. Got up and went over to Petsmart on 104th and I-25 for the monthly meet-n-greet. The store was kinda dead for some reason and kurt wasn’t happy at all about the thunderstorm that went through (he’s afraid of thunder and will hide in the bathroom at home during thunderstorms).
After getting back from that, there was a group of greyhound folks getting together out in Brush colorado. Seems a new foster dog out there got loose on Wed morning and there hasn’t been much sign of him since. Brush is about 1.5 hours away on I76 from denver. However, there isn’t any easy way to get from my place over to I76 I found. I finally managed to wind my way over there via 136th, but it wasn’t very fast or direct. There was a group of around 10 hounds and 15 people looking. We didn’t make any sightings of monty the greyhound, but we talked to a lot of people and asked them to look out for him. Hopefully he will turn up soon. ;(