Once again I have been a slacker and not updated. 🙂

Managed to see Hitchikers Guide on wed night. We were going to go see Sin City, but they decided to cancel all the later than 7:30pm shows, I guess to have room for all the rabid Star wars fans waiting for the 12:05am shows of Episode III. Hitchikers Guide wasn’t really like the books, but it did have some amusing spots, so it wasn’t all wasted time.

Friday we have a very nice company dinner up in fort Collins at the Charco Broiler (which doesn’t seem to have it’s own web page). A nice old time steak place. Quite yummy.

Saturday (yesterday) was the Team America party up at L’s in Fort Collins. It was pretty amusing. Everyone brought Red, White, or Blue food and drinks. The movie was the “unrated” version and pretty amusing. The Southpark movie was better but it was still funny.

Today shall be a day of staying inside in the nice A/C and relaxing. Of course along with Laundry, Cleaning, etc.