Well, it was a greyhoundy weekend here.
Friday night I got a new foster dropped off here. He’s already got a adopter, but they can’t take him for a few weeks, so he’s going to stay here and hang out until they can get him. Meet jake:

Saturday was the annual meeting and Luncheon for Colorado Greyhound Companions. It was a nice time, got to talk to lots of folks I usually exchange email with, but don’t talk with in person. Very nice talk about dog health from Dr. Brenda Mccleland.

Sunday was the Colorado Greyhound Adoption Roofest gathering. Some nice vendors, lots of talks, some auction fundraisers and other exciting things. Monty the greyhound we were looking for a week or so ago was there (He was found safe and sound about 3 days ago). Also, they had the gilly girls dancing greyhounds. They were fun as always: