The weather has taken a turn for the spring/summer now. Nice to be able to walk the dogs again and not have to put on coats, etc. Not sure yet if my apple tree is going to produce any apples this year. It managed to start blooming right before all the snow hit last week, so lots of it’s flowers got frozen, folded, spindled and mutilated. It does seem to be producing more blooms now, so it might make some apples. Time will tell.
Managed to get over the flu I had monday or so. Thats the first time I have been sick in a long time. I guess being a hermit and working from home has some advantages. (Not being coughed on by strangers in this case).
Since I didn’t do much of anything last weekend I have a ton of around the house/yard stuff to do this coming weekend. The weather looks to be nice for it at least.