Well, not a whole lot to report of late, just working and doing the routine. The Wed night GURPS game was postponed again, which was a drag. I was looking forward to the party delving deeper into the Necromancers tower. HackingSociety was delightful as always. I managed to generate some spec file patches for Xfce against the versions in FC3, so hopefully those will get merged and we will see some test updates out before too long.

In a few weeks hopefully I will be heading down to New Mexico for a turkey hunting expedition. That should be fun hiking around and looking for the elusive turkey. Then a quick trip down to Texas for ren faire gathering, then it will be nearly time for the faire here to be starting up. Good times.

Oops. Almost forgot to muse about April 1st. Tomorrow I am going to try not to bother reading many of the web sites I usually keep up on. They will be doing their normal, predictable, stupid April fools jokes. I would say in previous years the best of them have made me wonder if the story was true, and the other 99.999% have made me try and go on to real news. It’s not funny anymore guys (If it ever was). Just a lame excuse to make a bunch of poor jokes.