Managed to watch 3 of my 4 netflix this week, so I thought I would give some quick mini-reviews:

  • Hellboy was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. It was well done and amusing and all around a good time. The special effects were good, but not overshadowing of the story.
  • Hidalgo was also enjoyable. It was pretty much a good old time western. Lots of horses, bad guns, gun fights, etc. I think Viggo did a pretty nice job playing a cowboy type. Omar Sharif was excellent as always. It was pretty predictable, but then what western isn’t?
  • Croupier had a lot of promise that it just didn’t live up to. The story was nice and it was well done, but the main character never really made me care anything about him. He just sort of sat there and looked out. I think making the main character more likable and emotional would have helped it out a lot. I would suggest avoiding this movie unless you have a lot of time to kill.