One nice thing about wordpress is that there is a lot of people using it, so there are some clever plugins out there. I installed a few of them here without too much trouble:

  • BA Stats lets you basically get all the stats that would be in the httpd access_log, but in your database, so it’s easy to search on anything you like over any time period you want.
  • Acropop is a silly plugin that lets you setup a list of words and a link/image that should popup when someone moves their mouse over the word. I set one up for one of the greyhounds, can you find which one?
  • Authimage lets you make people who don’t have an account have to type in the wacky
    word in the image thats displayed. I find those pretty anoying, but since they don’t appear if you are logged in, It seems an ok way to avoid spam.

Thats it for now, but there is a gigantic pile of plugins out there. Will have to look around some more.