Today was indeed busy. The Parade in Fort Collins was fun. Got to see a number of people I hadn’t seen
in a while. We had a new record for dogs and people I think this year. In the 40’s for both. We walked
next to the truck pulling a trailer with people and dogs on it. Merlin thought it would be cool to jump
on the trailer and not have to walk, but he couldn’t figure out that the trailer was moving while he was
moving and couldn’t make it up into there.

Then, I had a very nice meeting about the web site. Lots of good ideas and setup. The mailing lists
I setup for the site should go live now and that will be nice.

The CGA banquet was not bad. Again, I got
to see some folks I havent seen in ages. Some very very sad news of Dixie the wonder hound passing
away a few weeks ago. It was nice to see folks though. Still not sure whats going to be done with the faire
this year, but we will most likely be there.