Reasonably quiet and relaxing weekend here. Saturday I went and saw
Kill Bill: Volume 2
Not a bad movie. It was diffrent from the first one, but it was
at least as good. It will be interesting to watch the two of
them back to back when the second one comes out on DVD. I did
get the first one on DVD and watched it later saturday.

Sunday I went and tried to get all my backpacking and hunting gear
together for next weekend’s turkey hunting trip. Pretty much
everything was easy to find and looks to be in ok shape. I did
setup my tent and fixed a ripped sleve that I remembered it
had. My stove, water purifier, backpack, sleeping bag and
thermarest were all pretty easy to find as well. Here are some
pictures I took of the tent and also some pictures of merlin. He
managed to get in a tiff with kurt in the yard and got a small
owie on his nose:
Merlin and Tents.