Went up to bottle beer eariler tonight. I took kurt with me this time
(giving them each a chance for an outing). Got there right at
6pm and unloaded all the bottles I brought. Waited for anyone
else to show. Washed all the bottles. Started bottling the
beer. Got about 2/3 done before anyone else got there.

Last night was the last evening that
was going to be in town, so we met up at
for dinner and then headed downtown for beers at
the falling rock tap house.
(Pity they seem to have switched from their old site that was
nocrapontap.com). Things were pretty scary downtown. It was
apparently the season opener for the rockies, and although the
game ended several hours eariler, there were still tons of
people downtown imbibing. We have a few nice beers… especially
a avery 10th anniversary rye.