Today was doggie bath day here. It’s funny how the diffrent dogs react to the idea of a bath:

  • Twyla: Was standing there waiting as I got out towels and
    was the first to go in. She climbed into the tub herself and
    was especially happy about the rub down drying part.

  • Rum (the foster): was interested in what was going on,
    but really really didn’t want to get into the tub. Had to
    lift his 90lb black butt into there. Once in he kept
    trying to get out.

  • Merlin: Didn’t really want to get into the tub, but
    was easy to lift in there. Once in and water was flowing
    over him, he prompty tried to lay down and relax in it,
    making soaping hard to do.

  • Kurt: The last time I gave them baths kurt ran and
    hid and I had to carry him up to the bathroom. This
    time he remembered that he loves baths, so I called
    him and he ran up and climbed right into the tub.

Looks like Twyla and Merlin (the two softest ones) are loosing their
winter coats. I brushed them and got some hair off them, which
is amazing for greyhounds. Luckily it shouldn’t last very long.

I was gonna go up to boulder later and wander from outdoor pub to
outdoor pub, but none of the folks I sent email to can come (or
haven’t answered). I might just go anyhow, it’s a nice day for
such things.