Two events today:

Manned the greyhound table down at the petsmart on 104th and I25 for
Colorado Greyhound Companions
It was a nice time as usual. Took all 3 hounds, and they all had a
good time. Twyla was her typical flirtatious self (leaning on
people, trying to follow people off who petted her, etc). Kurt
was typically lazy (laying down on the hard cold floor since I
forgot to bring a blanket for him). Merlin was a bit reserved,
but still friendly. Passed out a bunch of brochures. Hopefully
it will result in some new foster homes. The group really needs
foster homes bad right now. We saw our friend Jackson the great
dane, and talked a bunch with the neutro lady at the next table
over. It was a nice time.

After I got back from the petsmart I gave the dogs a treat and headed
over to the
Clue North
Linux installfest. It was over at the devry campus about 2 miles from
my house, so it was really close and easy to get to. Found the
room after some wandering around (they had some big conference
blocking off some of the doors, so it wasn’t obvious how to get
into the room where the installfest was being held. Finally got
in there and there were lots of people already deep in installs
and such. Dived right in. The first about 30min were pretty
zippy with questions and problems coming from all sides. Then it
settled down some. Taught someone about iptables and firewalling
and looked at their shorewall setup. Tried to help someone else
install on a machine with limited space and tons of
partitions. Finally got them mostly set. Answered various other
random questions. It was fun. I wish I could have been there all
day to help out… they had a really nice turnout.

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