I have been playing with a nifty little image program lately called
(The K Image DataBase). It’s pretty nifty, but kinda changes the way I
think of organizing my pictures. Basically you give it a
directory with all your images in it and then you go in and add
tags to them (tags in the xml database, nothing changes on the
picture itself).

So, for example, I can add a “Twyla” tag to a image that has Twyla in
it, as well as a “Broomfield” tag if the picture was taken in
broomfield, etc. Once you have all the pictures tagged with all
the people, places and other random keywords you like, you can
search on any of those tags. For example, “Show me pictures that
have Twyla and Merlin in them taken in Broomfield and are not
marked junk”. You can also tag on dates, so any pictures taken
on a specific date. It seems like this would be nice to handle
searching through your photos for something in specific. The
place where it changes things is that it’s harder to figure how
to export those to the web.

While pondering on it, here are some pictures from today (2004-04-20)
that I took. I used the search for “date between 2004-04-19 and
2004-04-21” and then did an ‘export to html’ on them.
Random Cat and Dog Pics.