Once again I forgot to rotate the journal over, so my April had a
bunch of March entries on the same page. Fixed now, and hopefully I
will remember not to do it with May.

Went up to loveland and picked up a new foster dog last night. There
is a track down in Texas that is closing (not sure if just for a
while, or forever) and they were really desperate for foster homes to
try and take in all the dogs from this track. So, the hauler came in
about 8pm sunday night to loveland, and I went and picked up “rum” and
“bullet”. My friend jeanne met me and picked up bullet and I kept rum
here. Bullet is supper outgoing, he kept trying to climb in the front
seat and kept wagging his tail. Rum is also a very friendly dog, but
less outgoing. He’s gigantic though, probibly 90 lbs and solid
black. very handsome.

Rum has been doing pretty well. He pretty much slept through the night
last night. He’s totally ignored the cat. Doesn’t even care to try and
sniff her. Twyla has been making sure he knows in no uncertan terms
that she is alpha bitch here. Mostly growling and teeth baring, and
also this morning she kicked him off the dog bed he was using. He
seems to have gotten the picture pretty quickly. He had one leg
lifting incident last night, but I had him on lead, so I stopped him
and took him out and he hasn’t had a problem since. I think he will
get adopted pretty quick, he’s a nice pup.