Looks like
is going to be in town this coming weekend. Sent out an announcement
for a BBQ friday night in his honor. If anyone reading this is
in the area and wants to attend, drop me an email and I will
give you directions. Should be a fun time.

In other news I have some friends coming up from New Mexico
today. They are coming up to pick up a horse, so they borrowed a
horse trailer from someone and started heading up. Driving down
the interstate they noticed a flapping noise, yes, one of the
tires had died a most greusome death. No problem, the trailer
has a spare. Much unbolting and jacking and so forth, then
moving the spare over and it becomes clear that: The spare is
the wrong sized tire. The spare is not the same bolt
pattern. The spare is flat. So, they just limped into pubelo and
picked up a new tire before heading up.

Finally (and I promise this will be it), I found an interesting story
on LSD. It turns out that LSD usage and sales have plummeted in
recent years. It’s really hard to get anymore. This can be
pretty directly traced to two things: In 2000 they busted some
guys who were making LSD (with 91 POUNDS of it on hand),
who were estimated to have been the suppliers for 95% of the US
market. Secondly, the Dead stopped touring. Dead shows were a
prime place for buyers and sellers to meet up, when that went
away it became much harder to make that connection. Anyhow,
interesting story:
slate on acid.