Delightfull show last night. A group of us met up for dinner before
the show. We were going to go to Sushi Zanmai, but the wait
there was pretty horrific and they didn’t do reservations for
smaller parties, so we wandered over to redfish for dinner
instead. It was alright, but not amazing I wouldn’t say. The
beer and the cornbread were both really good, everything else
was alright but not spactacular.

After dinner we walked 2 doors down (redfish is right next to the
trilogy) and waited for the doors to open.
Trilogy is a nice venue. It
has the resturant/bar in the front and then a back room for
music (with it’s own bar). This is the first time I have seen
the spankers have an opening act, it was:
The Crispy Family Circus
They were quite entertaining and I think a good fit for most of the
people in the audience. Especially amusing was the end of their
show where you were invited to give them tips by stapling them
to Crispy.

The Asylum Street Spankers
were excellent as usual. The brought in some folks from Tin Men,
Washboard Chaz
Even though he had never played with them, he fit right in and had no
trouble playing along. It was a good gig. Because of the opening
acts and guests and such, they didn’t finish playing until about
1:30 or so.

Looking forward to the denver show sunday night. All you Fort Collins
folks should go see them tonight!