Thursday night’s Boulder Hacking Society
was fun. I managed to fix lenore’s access point that had freaked
out. I got my spare linksys access point working as a client at
Caffe Sole
and got a few other things done.

Friday was just a typical day. Made a nice dinner with fresh bread
(from the bread musket), blackened shrimp, linguini, and a nice
aussie shraiz. Was going to watch some netflix, but for some
reason I got into watching some old Buffy’s that I have on
computer. Good times.

Today is catch up around the house day. Need to do some laundry, some
vacuuming (you would not believe the amount of mud that 3 dogs
can track into the house in a week), and pay bills. I’m gonna
try and be good this weekend on eating. The last few weeks I
have been loosing weight during the week, then gaining it all
back on the weekend. Thats not a fun cycle. I would like to get
down to under 200 and just maintain there.

Played around with k3b. It’s a KDE
cd/dvd burner gui application. It’s pretty slick. It’s a TON
better than gcombust or xcdroast. I don’t have a DVD-rw, but the
cd stuff looks to be working. Also played with
the KDE file manager/web browser. It’s still slower than firefox for
me at least. I managed to import all my firefox bookmarks and
got it to look like I wanted without too much trouble. It
doesn’t have a feature I use a LOT in firefox though, it can’t
open a bunch of bookmarks in tabs. I use that to read people’s
blogs and comics. Oh well, will stick with firefox for now.