I had a pretty generic weekday today. It was very nice outside in the
afternoon, so I did take the dogs for a walk. I think I have
taken them walking every day since late last week. They are
liking the exersize and it’s good for me too!

Coming up later this week tons of things: Tomorrow I am going to try
and get off my duff and go with kurt to the therapy dogs inc
meeting down south. I think he would be a great therapy dog, so
I want to get him certified. Takes at least 3 visits and the
place is in aurora, so it’s not close, but I still think it will
be worth it. Thursday is of course hacking society in
boulder. Always a good time.

By Friday I need to make up my mind about Merlin. He’s a super cool
dog, so I am trying to decide if I just want to keep him. 3 dogs
isn’t too much more work than 2, right? The only time I can see
it being a problem is for traveling. (Harder to find a
dogsitter). Also, I need to see if twyla starts liking him
better. She’s been kinda growly to him, but I think it’s just
because she wants to make sure she is still alpha bitch.