Just got back from walking the dogs. A few days ago it was snowing,
today it’s 50’s and really really nice outside. Had a great walk
with the dogs. Kurt and Merlin are both super well behaved on
the leash, of course twyla is a brat and has to stop and sniff
and mark everywhere, but thats ok.

For the first time in a while I have no plans at all for this
weekend. I can relax and do not much. It would be nice if I did
a few things around the house. I would like to get some computer
junk written up and pics taken so I can try and sell them off. I
have far too many computers, cables, etc. Might head up to
boulder and see if liquor mart has the stone barleywine. Also, I
should look for a new fanny pack, the zipper on mine died. Other
than that, rest and relax.