Went out and had dinner with a friend and her dad at Efrain’s. Nice
place. The chilie verde wasn’t as hot as it was the last time I
was there, but it was still quite tasty.

Got a call back from the person who tests for Therapy Dogs Inc. They
meet at 6:30pm down in aurora each week. You have to go 3 times
and pass some basic tests and then you can get your dog
certified. Sounds nice. Will see if I can make it tomorrow. You
can only do one dog at a time, so I will need to decide witch
one to take first. Not sure either of them has been left at home
all alone since I have had them both. I think they would both be
good at it, so we will see.

The laptop has been up almost 4 days with a number of suspend/resume
cycles. I am hoping now that the problem was just the cpu fan
had fuzz in it that needed cleaning out. It seems to be stable
at least. Knock on wood.