Had a delightfull (if solitary) day. Slept in until about 9:30am. Kurt
the early riser dog managed to not bug me too much until about
9:30, so I could keep sleeping until then. Ran a bunch of
errands and got a bunch of junk around the house done.

Since it’s late in december it’s time that the
walnut brewery has it’s “old thumper” barleywine. I try and make it out and sample it at least once.
It was quite delightfull this evening. Of course boulder was a big
pain to park in, but dinner and the barely wine were good. On the
way back from boulder there were a number of people who were
going like 50mph on hwy36. I thought I was speeding vastly, but
on looking down I wasn’t going that fast, there were just a
number of people going really really slowly.

I gave the dogs each a greenie when I got home. They sure do love
them. It’s a pity that they cost piles and piles of money. Would
love to be able to give them every day, but it’s not to be. 🙁