Back home and back to work today. The dogs were totally worn out from all the travel and pretty
much slept the day away (but then thats not too different from most days).

Did some more poking around at clamav. Tried to run it with more debugging, but it locked up again
and didn’t really provide any more information. Tried to check the lists, but
wasn’t answering. Sourceforge has really gotten pretty worthless. Lists don’t work, people can’t
get CVS working, etc. Got the older 0.60 version from Jafo and tried that, but it locked up the same
way a few minutes later. Wonder if it’s related to how I am calling it: from procmailrc. I guess I will
try and submit a problem report to them about it when comes back up.

Got mailman all working and sent out a invite to a bunch of people that were on my old party list
to subscribe to it or not. Even got it to use for the URL for everything.
The default invite sure doesn’t look that great, and it’s not customizable. 🙁 Oh well, we will see
who all is interested in being on the list.
Perhaps this weekend would be a good time to do another gaming party or a cocktail party or something.

Watched the first part of the Decalogue. It was more interesting
than I was thinking it would be. Probably will go ahead and watch the rest of them, or at least a few more.
The first one was a father/son story, mostly about death. Next I watched Hatred of a minute. It was reasonably well done, but didn’t seem to go anywhere. Then, showing just how sick
and twisted I can be, I watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
Death to Deranged serial killer to a movie about a horse. A nice evening of slacking in front of movies.

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