Since it’s the first Saturday of the month, I took the dogs out to man
the table for the Colorado
greyhound companions
at petsmart. It was super busy and
hectic there. Some group was doing pictures with Santa, the
horse rescue was there, and some massage place was doing free
5min massage. We got our table kind of in the back, so we
weren’t in the middle of the chaos. Saw Jackson the great
Dane. He comes in every first Saturday to see us. Kurt loves to
see him. Pictures here.

Met with a electrician. He can put in a new receptacle and the
microwave no problem, but not until Monday. It can wait I guess
until then. He also looked over the wiring and found that the
hood for the range is connected to the circuit that has the
washing machine on it. So, I guess I shouldn’t wash and
microwave at the same time.

Finally got around to watching the super doper directors cut version
of lord of the rings: two towers. Pretty nice. It fixed some
problems I had with fiamair. Still bugged by it seeming like
they tricked the ents into helping out. The extra minutes were
all good and made it seem very nice.