TGIF. Busy again today.

went out and ran some errands this afternoon and the FedEx guy showed
up with my new microwave/convection oven. Did he just leave a
note and try again Monday? Oh no. Did he leave it with my next
door neighbor? Oh no. Did he leave it with a neighbor that lives
about 4 houses down the street and just moved in last week and
doesn’t know anyone? Of course. Luckily she knocked on my door
and we managed to get the box in from her house to mine. It’s
frocking huge. They way over packed it, I guess from fear that
it would break. It’s this one: sharp r-1870 convection/microwave. I sure hope it doesn’t suck. 😉

Pulled down the old fan/hood/light thing. Looks like it’s hardwired
into the wall. ;( So, I need to put in a new outlet in the
cabinet above the stove and remove the old junk there. Perhaps I
will hire someone to just do it right. Pictures here:
kitchen fun.