Hurray. Cobalt machines are finally end of lifed. I fucking hate the
cobalt raq’s. Some clients of ours have them and they are
worthless and anoying. They don’t ever have security updates,
which is a gigantic “kickme” sign on the internet these
days. They don’t have featurefull software, since they are 10
million versions behind. They have crappy hardware. You can’t
get their binaries easily. They just suck. Hurray for them
getting the axe!

Had a nice time at boulder hacking society tonight. Went and had
dinner at the southern sun, then over to caffe sole for wireless
and geeking. The wireless there still hates my usb wireless
card. Noticed that my laptop has a mini-pci modem in it, and the
thought was to try a mini-pci wireless in it and see if it could
find it. Convinced john to take the mini-pci out of his thinkpad
and let me try it. Turns out tho to do that he needed a “secure
torx”, so that failed. Oh well, it was a nice try anyhow. Will
see about finding another mini-pci to try.