Well, back from investico field. It was pretty grueling, but not
particularly difficult work. Some observations (in not
particular order):

The volunteers/employees at investico park at the Denver
Colosseum. Since the check in is done at the stadium, you could
in theory take advantage of free parking and shuttle bus by just
using it.

There were lots of security drones around, but they were quite low
key. I was kind surprised that there was no search or walking
through metal detectors. I could have walked in with whatever I
could wear no problem. Not sure what checks fans have to go

I found it kinda funny that they were talking about being very strict
on some things (beer rules mostly), but yet had a list of names
of people who were mucky mucks and should be given whatever
they want.

So you spent a ton of money for a ticket to a game and what do you do?
Stand around and look out the view and wander around. I many
times heard my co-workers (who cared more than I about such
things) ask someone what the score was and they had no idea.

When I explain to you I can only sell you two beers, don’t keep trying
to let me sell you a third one. There was this otherwise nice
seeming lady that kept trying to get me to sell her another
beer. Sheesh.

Our booth ran out of pretty much everything by the end of the 3rd
quarter. Some things we started out not having. 6 bottles of
water sold out in about 15min before the game. The coke was gone
in one of the dispensers from the start, and the other died
before halftime. We were thinking it was because it was the last
game of the season and they wanted to get rid of as much as
possible so they didn’t have to deal with it off season.

Broncos games have big spenders. I can’t recall the number of 100’s I
got. Lots of 50’s. Carding everyone was I thought a good way to
do it. Some of the older folks were very happy to be carded