Went up to blug
tonight. It was a ok meeting. The folks giving the talk seemed
nice enough and didn’t push their consulting business too
much. Started playing with the new software suspend during the
meeting. I probably did about 30 reboots. After tweaking the
wireless a bit I managed to get it to where it will suspend and
resume fine in single user mode, but once you run X all bets are
off. After getting home tweaked with it some more and updated X
and the dri radeon driver and the touchpad driver. Got it
further along, but it still croaks. Finally sent in a bug report
to the software suspend list. Hopefully they can figure
something out with it.

In other news I stupidly volunteered to help the greyhound group by
manning a concessions stand at the broncos game this Sunday. It
looks like it’s going to be a big pain. They want you there for
a long dammed time, all kinds of rules to memorize. Oh well,
it’s for the dogs.