Got a few things around the house down that I have been meaning to for
a long time:

Scavenged a cdrom drive for my test machine and
threw all my old drives into it and did a fresh install of
fedora core 1 on it. It died a while back and I didn’t have any
way of booting it to re-install it. Also wanted to check 2
drives I had laying around, a 37GB and a 30GB drive and make
sure they are ok before I use them for any data.

And of course it being the season now, got out my Xmas lights and put
them up in the window. I guess I could put some on the apple
tree in front, but that sounds like way too much work. One of
the stands I have is of course broken. The durability on Xmas
lights is pretty low it seems like. I remember my parents having
some strands they used every year I had been alive and they
worked fine. Perhaps some LED ones would have more durability
than the old filament kind.