Another busy day, but not as bad as yesterday Did a bunch more kernel
upgrades and reboots. All but one machine managed to come up
correctly after rebooting. Also did rsync updates. They aren’t
that big a deal though, I don’t know anyone running the rsync
server. I only use rsync with ssh anyhow.

Too cold to walk the dogs today. I hope dave will understand about not
getting a walk. He gets stir crazy sometimes if he doesn’t get a
walk too often. He’s had no trouble settling back into the
routine here. Hopefully he won’t mind being crated tonight when
I am gone all night to hacking society. Beer and Geeking. Two
great tastes.

Had a very nice time as usual going up to boulder and drinking beer
(southern sun cream stout on nitro) and then geeking at caffe
sole. Place was packed since it’s close to school finals up
there. The wireless there hates my usb wireless, finally gave up
and just used a pcmcia card. Got home and had to get a stupid
cobalt raq working for a client. Man I hate those machines with
a passion.