Hey look, another week, another this week in rawhide. Almost like clockwork. 😉

I mentioned last week that the rawhide kernels had moved on to 3.18 git snapshots and that I wasn’t seeing any problems. Well, I did run into some after that. suspend is completely broken. It’s unclear yet if it’s kernel or systemd or both to blame. I’m going to try and debug it some this weekend and get a bug report filed. Not a big deal, but kind of anoying if you want to suspend and resume.

There’s also a anoying grubby bug that dropped into f21/rawhide the other day: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1153410 This will result in a kernel entry that won’t boot right. It’s easy enough to work around, and expect a fixed rawhide grubby in tomorrow’s compose.

Gnome 3.14.1 landed in rawhide at the sameish time it was built for f21 updates-testing. Hopefully it will get pushed through the freeze and be in the beta release. It’s been pretty smooth so far here in rawhide. Xfce also got a few fixes, in particular the weather plugin had upstreams change API, so weather updates stopped working. Thats fixed up and pushed out to rawhide and all stable releases.

Happy rawhiding!