So it’s been a while since I did a this week in rawhide for a variety of reasons: Mostly things have been running along pretty well so not really much to say. Those things that have gone wrong are similar to things I’ve already talked about in the past. However, there’s a few things to talk about this week:

  • We have now a plan for signing rawhide, it’s just a matter of finishing it up and deploying it. Basically we need to switch koji to land rawhide builds in a pending tag. Then we have a process that sees the builds finish via fedmsg and signs them and then moves them into the normal rawhide tag. This will also be a excellent place to gateway builds for some kind of basic smoke testing if we turn out to want to do that.
  • We want someday to get to a point where we do a full test compose every night. This would allow us to see changes that break composes faster and also allow folks to test things easier without waiting for a TC (test compose) to appear.
  • A fair amount of developers are following along Fedora 21 branched now, so rawhide is a bit quieter. I will remind maintainers to build in rawhide and branched if you are making changes to make sure they go to both.