With Fedora 19 being final (release is tuesday), I went and upgraded my main virthost and guest from Fedora 18 last night.

I used fedup to upgrade a laptop and another machine, but as my main server is a bit more complex, I usually just do a yum upgrade on it. Looking at:¬†https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Upgrading_Fedora_using_yum#Fedora_18_-.3E_Fedora_19_.28pre_release_branched.29 there is currently only one gotcha noted there (systemd cgroups changing). I didn’t hit anything related to that, but I rebooted pretty soon after the transaction finished. Aside: There were a few texlive packages I had installed for some reason, which resulted in a vast increase in texlive packages after the distro-sync, so I went ahead and removed those before syncing to avoid that.

After rebooting I was hard pressed to find any problems, but finally did manage to find one: All my mysql using applications were no longer able to connect to the database. Digging into logs showed me that it was a password format change between the old Fedora 18 mysql and new Fedora 19 mariadb. I simply had to go in and set the passwords for those users again and it updated to the new hash setup and started working. Not sure if this is something that could be fixed in a mariadb update or noted in release notes, but it’s easy enough to fix up.

So far thats it. Everything else is working just fine, no problems at all.

I think Fedora 19 is going to be a very good release, hope everyone enjoys it.