So another week in rawhide without too much blowing up, however, astute folks might have noticed that there was no rawhide compose on 2013-06-21.

This was due to a typo in the rawhide comps file. What is a comps file you might ask? Well, it’s the xml file thats used to determine what packages are in what groups what is shown in the installer and so forth. It’s pulled from a git repository everytime rawhide composes and unfortunately if there’s an error in it, the entire compose just stops and fails.

In theory this sounds kinda fragile, especially since xml is horrible to edit, but in practice it very seldom seems to get broken, and when it does it gets fixed the next day. If you are a maintainer making changes, do try and be extra careful when you do.

See: for more information on this little corner of the compose world.