Normally I write up my weekly rawhide post on tuesday, but this week has been crazy, so I only just now got to it. 🙂

First, the branching off of f19 from rawhide happened last week. If you’re a package maintainer, make sure you build for rawhide and then (if you want it in f19) the f19 branch. You don’t need to create updates for f19 branched until the Alpha Change deadline (2013-04-02), your build just goes out the next day just like rawhide does. There’s no longer any inheritence between them, so please remember to build both, don’t just build for f19.

The first composes of rawhide and branched didn’t go to well unfortunately. Due to a mistake rawhide composed, but had 0 packages in it, which meant that there was a good deal of mirror churn. We immediately did another compose, but it wasn’t quick enough to save some mirrors the extra bandwith. We are putting some checks in place to make sure it doesn’t sync out if this happens again.

I ran into an anoying bug with claws-mail’s fancy plugin. They had redone how it’s preferences worked, and it was opening in my browser any movie or images that were not simple images. Very anoying, but quickly fixed by upstream and pushed out to rawhide.

Branched f19 had a bad time with the release name: “Schrödinger’s Cat”. Fedora’s default grub2 setup helpfully puts the release name in /etc/grub2.cfg, but this one had a ‘ in it, which messed up it’s quoting and left systems non booting. The quick fix was to boot from rescue media and remove the ‘. A more perm fix has now been pushed out to make the quote a unicode one. Rawhide missed out on that entirely since it’s release name is “Rawhide”.

Yesterday we had our Test Compose 1 for F19 branched, and it’s still pretty rough, but things are getting fixed up.