Another week of rawhide, this time with fun on both ends. Last wed, there was some regretable breakage in rawhide. First there was the release of the 1.14.0 xorg X server. This required rebuild of all the various X driver packages, and at least one of the driver packages didn’t finish in time for the rawhide compose. Next was a new claws-mail release that pulled in a bunch of the plugins that had been in an extra plugins package into the main package. The old plugins package was fixed up for this change, but only after rawhide had started composing. Both of these issues were easy to skip by simply waiting a day or using skip-broken to update.

The rest of the week was pretty dull until today. I reworked the Rawhide wiki page from the ground up and asked for feedback. I got a number of small typo fixes, but no screams, so I put it in place today. Do look it over and see if there’s anything that can be tweaked. I think it’s MUCH better than the old one was.

I’ve also floated a proposal to make a Rawhide tracking bug. This would let us track serious rawhide problems and get them attention. I’ll wait a bit more for feedback before making that tracker bug, but it seems overall people are happy with the idea.

Finally, today was Branching day. What will become Fedora 19 has branched off Rawhide. It’s now it’s own branch in packages git repos, will have it’s own daily compose, it’s own Bugzilla component and so forth. I think I am going to keep following Rawhide here, but I know many folks will follow the Branch to help stablize and test things for the upcoming release. One thing for maintainers to note: there is no inheritence between Rawhide and Branched this time. Please build all your packages first for Rawhide, and then for Branched. If you are too busy for this, feel free to drop me a line and I will be happy to help out or find you a co-maintainer who will.