A few fun times in rawhide this last week.

The mass rebuild finished and was tagged in last tuesday. Failed to build packages are listed at: http://ausil.fedorapeople.org/f19-failures.html if you are a maintainer of anything listed there, please fix it. Thats just under 500 packages out of about 13,000 or so. Not too bad.

There was one chicken and egg sort of problem when things were tagged in: The libmpc package was built late last year, but the new version had an ABI increase and was incompatible, so it was untagged. Then, the mass rebuild rebuilt that version and it suddenly landed again. Since gcc required the old version of libmpc, the buildroot was broken and nothing could build. So, how do you fix this kind of thing? easy: untag the new libmpc so the old one is used. That gets you the buildroot working again so you can build new things. Then, make a libmpc that includes a compat-libmpc with the old version in it. Build that and then you can rebuild gcc against the new one. Fun times.

Another minor issue I ran into was that midori (my default browser) suddenly stopped being able to talk https to google.com (and likely other sites). This turns out to have been a issue with the new gnutls that landed. I went back to the old version of the glib-networking package that was compiled against the old gnutls until the bug was fixed. Just a few days.

Finally, there was a bit of fun with the new kernels this week… someone was overzelous about trying to get usb to save power and ended up causing all external usb ports to be powered off all the time. (ie, not usable). Luckily the only usb device I use very often is my trusty yubikey. I was able to switch to google authenticator until the patch fixing that landed. I could also have just booted an older kernel until the fix landed.

Finally, this last weekend I tried fixing as many of the broken deps on the rawhide report as I could. I managed to fix up 8 or so, and hopefully inspired other people to fix up more. Some of the packages in there have been broken a while, but the report is getting much smaller now. ;(