Another week of rawhide without too much to report. The mass rebuild chugged along all this last week and was tagged into rawhide this morning. Tomorrow’s rawhide compose should have almost every package rebuilt, with the exceptions of those that failed to build (maintainers please fix: ) and those that were rebuilt by maintainers after the mass rebuild started. So hold on to your hats for tomorrows rawhide.

I did run into one fun issue sunday morning however. My btrfs installed rawhide laptop was unresponsive when I got up. It seems my root subvolume was in a messed up state and I couldn’t boot or mount it rw (I could mount ro). I spent a few hours trying various things to recover it and gather info from it, then finally just reinstalled with ext4/lvm2 again. Hopefully my report will be enough to help btrfs folks track down the bug. I’ll wait a while before trying it again.

Of course when my laptop needed re-installing, I was glad I had good backups. A backup finished just a few hours before the problem happened on it and since I was able to mount my /home and / (ro), I was able to copy off my mail and anything else that changed in there. A quick netinstall, restore of dot files and then restore from backups of larger data and I was back in business.

This might be a good time for everyone reading this to check:

  1. Do you have backups of your data? If not, perhaps you should set them up now?
  2. If you do have backups, when was the last time you checked them and did a test restore to see that they were actually working and backing up what you think they are?
  3. RAID is not backups. Duplicate copies of files on the same physical server is not backups. You should really setup backups. 🙂