A bit late, but here’s some thoughts on rawhide last week. 😉

One rough spot was the boost rebuild. Boost has a cycle similar to Fedora, so a new major version comes along about every 6 months or so and requires rebuilding all the packages that use it. In Fedora thats around 170ish packages or so. I communicated with the Boost maintainers and we decided the best way forward was to just commit the new Boost and rebuild everything in one day and then fix up the parts that broke.

That was the plan. Sadly, we ran into a few hiccups. The new Boost was built and tagged in, but the newrepo job that should have added it to the buildroot got stalled, and everyone just assumed it was in there. Then, the rebuild started of the other packages and about 1/2 way through someone noticed that the new Boost was not actually getting built against. ;( So, all the rest of the builds were canceled, new Boost was added in for sure this time, and about 1/2 of the packages needed to be rebuilt again. ;(

So, the lesson here is to make sure something is in the build root before rebuilding against it.

Other than that, not much happened, rawhide has been running along fine here. The mass rebuild for f19 started in on wed, so that will be keeping the build system busy for a few days. Look for a massive update when the rebuilt packages are tagged into rawhide (basically it will be a yum update * on your rawhide machines).