Another week with rawhide, another few issues:

  • A gtk3 update caused nm-applet in systray to stop working right. The applet runs fine, but right or left clicking on it doesn’t provide a menu. Filed upstream as: Hopefully this is fixed soon. 
  • libnl3 had an unannounced ABI break. It turns out that they didn’t think the update was changing versions and it got reverted, but by then everything had rebuilt against it. The maintainer answered my emails on this issue fine, but I’d really really really prefer that discussion about these kinds of things takes place on the list. We are a community, we should act like one. 😉
  • There were a few packages with broken deps over a poppler update. This was announced however, so it wasn’t too bad.
  • mdadm updated to a version that needs a newer dracut. That dracut is in f18-updates, but was never built for rawhide. Hopefully this is fixed later today. When f18 updates appear thats your note as a maintainer that you MUST start also building any fixes for rawhide. Rawhide only inherits from f18 base/gold/general availability. It does not inherit from f18-updates.

Not too bad overall, and my laptop was just fine for Fudcon.

So, not sure if I will keep doing these blog posts, or just stop now. Do folks find them useful?