Another hackfest day, starting way too early, at least this time I got a bit more sleep. 😉

Infrastructure folks gathered in the same room as yesterday to work on various projects. Some of the things we got done/discussed:

  • Wrote up a hotfix SOP with a new slightly improved process to allow us to much more easily see the diff of the actual fix. See:
  • Talked about revamping our website build with Kévin Raymond and how we handle transations. He had a great plan to make things build much faster.
  • Fixed up the hairpinning in phx2 again after 4 machines had problems with the change yesterday.
  • Fixed up a new pull translations script for the websites.
  • Talked about migrating from puppet to ansible and how best to do that. It’s going to be a gradual road, but there’s some things we need to do first.
  • Decided that things that listen to fedmsg message bus should treat the messages as informational, and always validate/verify the data with the orig application before acting on it.
  • Some folks worked on moving openid out of FAS to it’s own standalone service.
  • Learned about WAT?!?
  • Again many more things that I can’t recall. 😉

Also had a meeting with FESCo folks and feature wrangler to dicsuss features. We made a lot of progress and are going to hopefully have a proposal ready for the next meeting. It’s incremental improvements, but thats the best way to move things the right direction.