Day 2 is hackfests.

Things started as they do after far too little sleep. A quick breakfast and bus ride over to campus and things started in.

Had a short, but hopefully productive talk with Tim Flink from QA about autoqa and their needs around clouds. I think many of their needs will be completely satisfied with the same setup we have been using for copr’s. (Basically fire up an instance, run ansible to set it up, run test case, pull results, destroy, repeat).

Then we had a great discussion with Matt Domsch our mirrormanager keeper. We are going to try and get Mirrormanager 1.4 out to staging this weekend, and look at splitting it out of our app servers to it’s own smaller hosts. Oddly while looking at this, we noticed that mirrormanager hits over the last year have been steadily increasing. It’s about twice what it was a year ago.

Next, Spot came and we discussed plans for badges and app’s. Lots of cool stuff there down the road. It will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it.

Lunch was sandwitches again, but they were not bad. 😉

After lunch we started diving into implenting things:

  • Removed the host alias for inside our phx2 datacenter. In the past we had to do that to avoid a hairpinning issue, but it meant the single proxy there was a single point of failure.
  • Shut down the no longer being used insight hosts. Will clean them out fully in a few days. 4 virtual servers.
  • Some discussion with PPC secondary arch folks about various setups.
  • Discussion about fasClient pushing instead of pull.
  • Talking about getting external fedmsg producers.
  • Talked about projects using github for their projects instead of fedorahosted. It’s up to the project. We of course will only use projects that are completely free running into our infrastructure, but what they in turn use for their infrastructure is up to them.
  • Probibly about 10 other things that I forgot that other people involved should blog about. 🙂

I also did some assurances for folks for a meetup.

Back to the hotel for a very short time and then time for fudpub. 🙂