Well, another week with rawhide full time on my main laptop.

The volume of new packages has picked up since maintainers are back from holidays, but overall still very usable day to day. A few things to note however:

There was some selinux policy / libsepol updates yesterday and somehow things got reset to enforcing mode (I have been running permissive due to firewalld and denials around my mail setup). I don’t see any commits/changes to the scriptlets on those packages though, so I am not sure what happened. If anyone else sees this perhaps we could try and track it down.

New systemd 197 came in and works just fine. No problems that I can see so far. My wlan0 is now wlp3s0, but I could care less what it’s called.

Kernel 3.8.0-0.rc2.git2.2.fc19 came in and is working just fine so far, although I got a btrfs warning in dmesg. Will see if it’s worth filing, although it’s not caused any issues.

There was a libcdio abi bump, but the maintainer properly announced it, then took care of rebuilding the affected packages. Due to some bad timing all the builds didn’t land in one rawhide compose, but they cleared up the next day. Kudos to them. 😉

There’s currently a weird / bizzare debuginfo bug preventing xulrunner from building, so firefox updates might be lagging, and there’s currently a broken dep there, but –skip-broken works around it fine.

zsh updates result in some spewage on my shells. It’s a difficult problem due to the versioning of functions (you update and the old version thats running has it’s functions dir removed, the new one works fine after execing). I’m not sure there’s an easy fix here, but I filed a bug for the zsh maintainers to look at.

So, all in all, things are doing just fine here day to day in the rawhide world still.