I’m happy to announce the general availability of our status.fedoraproject.org site.

This site provides an easy way for Fedora contributors and users to check on the status of services provided by Fedora Infrastructure.

The site auto reloads every minute, and also provides a rss feed at http://status.fedoraproject.org/changes.rss of any changes.

If you run into a problem or issue that is not reflected at status.fedoraproject.org, please do report it to us in -admin on irc.freenode.net or via ticket at fedora infrastructure trac. We update the site status information manually so we need to be aware of the issue in order to keep the site accurate.

As with everything in Fedora Infrastructure, this application is open source. Source is available from: http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/fedora-status.git and is released under a GPLv2+ license.

This application is hosted at OpenShift to avoid any
issues with outages in our infrastructure affecting status reporting.