Wanted to mention to everyone 2 changes related to fedorahosted.org.

First of all, we switched over to cgit from gitweb-caching. This move was a bit rockier than I wished, as I didn’t have all the apache redirects I meant to in place and working right. So, if you followed a link to git.fedorahosted.org/gitweb/ in the last day or so, it probibly broke. The redirects are now in place and should hopefully be redirecting your old gitweb URL’s to the new shiny cgit.

If you are using links moving forward, please use the cgit links, and not the old gitweb ones.

If you see problems with old gitweb urls, do file a ticket or drop by -admin on freenode and we can see if we can add an additional redirect to help your case.

Additionally, this change highlighted the fact that it’s hard to notify fedorahosted.org consumers about changes. Currently we have a number of Fedora lists that discuss such things, but it’s hard to filter out just hosted changes from them. So, I have created a fedorahosted-announce list. This list will be moderated and low volume and will note any changes, updates, migrations or related to fedorahosted.org services. You can subscribe to this one list and be kept in the loop about downtime or upgrades.

The new list is at: http://lists.fedorahosted.org/mailman/listinfo/fedorahosted-announce

If you would like to suggest changes or help out with fedorahosted.org maintenance, you should use the fedora-infrastructure list.